What is it that scouts do?

Scouting is based on the values that are found in the scout laws and scout honor.  Scouts go on overnight camping trips and day trips, they sing and have fun, play music and climb mountains, produce plays and paddle on kayaks, build something, paint, cut whittle, dance and build snow houses.  The challenges are endless.  The Scouts themselves, in their own Troop, decide what they want to engage in.

The challenges often reflect society, circumstances and the environment, but first and foremost they are influenced by the interest of the scouts as it is them who choose their own assignments.

The goal of scouting is to get kids and young people to foster indpecence and become active and responsible community citizens.

By scouting we want to encourage scouts to:


  • Respect themselves, others and the environment
  • Show regards for and honor other people’s opinions and sentiments
  • Be creative and independent in their actions, words and mind
  • Always do their best and never be afraid to make mistakes
  • Live a healthy life and be a true friend and a team mate


We also want scouting to encourage scouts to always follow their own conviction and beliefs, but be ready to take criticism as well.  Fight injustice and inequity, lend a helping hand and make an effort to make the community better.

Scouts have to be willing to take responsibility for and complete the tasks that they take on and live life with joy and happiness. Have the courage to make their dreams come true and take the advantage of opportunities that appear.

It is also important that the scout understands and enjoys their own culture as well as other and promotes peace, equality and brotherhood amongst men.