Dróttskatar/Adventurers ages 13-15

It is exciting to participate in scouting with a group of good friends.  Friendship bonds are reaffirmed in a group/patrol of 5-7 scouts that meet once or twice a week and prepare or administer an assignment that the group has collectively chosen- It’s as simple as that!!  While adventuring the teenagers get to try new things, travel abroad and expend their horizon with a group of peers. The assignments and the trips are fun and exciting but also very educational and a great way for scouts to gain more knowledge, skills and a good foundation for the future. Adventurers have more independence than Falcon and Dragons scouts.  They have more responsibility for their own scouting and their participation in making decisions and making preparations is greater. In a group of peers the scouts go on trips and overnight camping and this summer the National Jamboree.  Come and join us!